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Spiritual Self Care Box

Spiritual Self Care Box

Reiki Infused Spiritual Self Care box! Make your self care a priority, make wellness a priority. Choose your size! Basic boxes contain around 11 items, Deluxe boxes around 20 items, and the Elite box comes with 27 items! Items include crystals, incense, smudge, goodies, tea, face masks, candles and more!

Any Large box purchases will receive a FREE gift from us!

 5555- everything you've wished for will soon become a reality in both the material and the spiritual world. You are about to experience self realization & self growth.

8888- you soon will be struck with wealth, abundance, and fortune. Recognize that you are protected and guided, be prepared for self development.

13333- new beginnings and good luck, good things are coming. The universe desires you to succeed, you need to see that too, you deserve to succeed. It’s your birthright.


**Pre-Orders will be sent out first- full launch date 5/8/2023**

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